The ShamBibby® Story

A New Concept is Born


Amelie arrives October 2008

Inspired by the birth of our daughter in October of 2008, this unique product was developed through the need and frustration of constantly having to find a clean feeding bib at mealtime for our new little girl, Amelie Marie.  With some innovative thought, and, while running our “Family Fun Zone” every weekend at a huge swapmeet called the Orange County Market Place in Southern California, we utilized a super absorbent shammy material being sold at the market to solve our super “messy bib” problem.  This material not only protected clothing, it was SOFT enough to wipe her face, arms, the tray and everything else!  Then, like magic, the mess instantly rinsed clean, we squeezed it out and voila’….incredibly, it was ready to use over and over and over again!  After creating and using this “shammy” concept EVERY DAY for over 2 years during feeding time with Amelie, we were ready to share and launch this amazing baby bib idea into the Mommy & Daddy stratosphere….ShamBibby® for the Baby!

Amelie sporting new ShamBibby® prototype,
and waving the Original 2009 design!

Introducing the “The Greatest Baby Invention Since the Diaper”

ShamBibby® is made from 100% non-woven viscose German Rayon with a specially stitched border.  This high-quality material is internationally certified by “OekoTex Standard” as ecologically safe, clean and GREEN!  We found the properties of this fabric perfectly suited for protecting AND cleaning during mealtime.  ShamBibby® is ultra-soft and super absorbent, rinses easy, repels mess and is ready to use for every meal!  ShamBibby® also saves time and money compared to stinky cloth or itchy vinyl bibs…so, this is truly the only bib you need at home or while traveling on the go.

Concept to Retail starts in Kansas City

We decided to launch ShamBibby® in Kansas City, which is especially exciting because of family ties in the area AND ShamBibby® had the fortunate opportunity to be one of the rare retail products chosen by BETA BLOX, an ingenious business incubator which is also local to KC and has tremendous resources and influence within the entrepreneurial start-up community.


Michelle showcasing our “Ellie the Elephant” ShamBibby® logo.


From my family to yours….

We hope you enjoy the many ways to use ShamBibby® for the Baby!

Happy Feeding!
Greg, Michelle and Amelie Ross



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