How to Clean

Care Instructions:


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Simply rinse and watch mess fall right off, wash with warm running water (just a drop of dish soap works great) & then give it a squeezy! Best to lay flat on a surface or hang dry. ShamBibby® will be ready to use for every meal. Your ShamBibby® is perfect to reuse while slightly damp. Our material utilizes non-woven Chamois fabric design technology, in combination with hypoallergenic properties to provide the ultimate safe & absorbent shammy bib. ShamBibby® is super soft to wipe baby’s arms and face, yet durable and strong enough to clean entire feeding area! ShamBibby® is specially seamed with a unique stitching design, material WILL NOT unravel so this product will last a very long time…
Truly the only baby bib you will ever need!


  • Rinse & ring-dry your ShamBibby® before initial use.
  • This material is super absorbent. ShamBibby® gets softer after every use so you can keep using over & over again…
  • No need for fabric softener ever, ShamBibby® will air dry extra soft.
  • No need for machine wash or dryer.