The ShamBibby® craze is catching on! Clean-up is so easy,
Moms and Dads LOVE it….Shamtastic!

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Protects Baby and Cleans EVERYTHING!!! Get ShamBibby® and be ShamHappy!

We just got started and already have a little ShamBuzzzzz on Twitter and Facebook, here are just a few comments during our product introduction in June 2013…..Please LIKE us on Facebook!

KCPT News ‏@KCPTnews
“The Greatest Baby invention since the diaper!”
@BetaBlox #entrepreneurKCPT #kc #startups

#shambibby best thing since disposable diapers!
Cleans everything! I am impressed!

Shamwow for babies… #shambibby #:/ how the h*** did we make it to 2013 without this MIRACLE…