Why ShamBibby® ?

best baby bib

We tried bib after bib after bib….. After blobs and globs of messy cloth bibs AND Our little one saying “No No No” to itchy uncomfortable vinyl bibs… Super soft and absorbent ShamBibby® provides the perfect one-of-kind solution!

  • Anti-Microbial Properties, Repels Odor
  • Rinses and Cleans Instantly
  • Squeeze Dry Ready to Use Again
  • Save $$$ No Need for Laundry
  • Practical and Perfect for your Baby!



Oeko-Tex CertificationEco-Friendly

ShamBibby is Certified by the Internationally acclaimed testing agency “Oeko-Tex Standard”
as a safe and GREEN Eco-Friendly material for baby products!



Quick Facts!


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  1. ‏ShamBibby is the original one-of-a-kind 100% Soft & Safe Shammy Baby Bib
  2. Shambibby utilizes non-woven Rayon “Chamois” fabric technology from Germany
  3. ShamBibby is the ONLY super absorbent bib which holds 12X its weight in liquid
  4. ShamBibby is made with all natural non-microbial and hypoallergenic properties
  5. ShamBibby is the ONLY bib which protects, soaks up the mess and cleans everything